• health

    Health & Medical

    Good health is a basic human right. Kuyapa works with dutiful volunteer doctors, local and international health clinics, and various consultants to better the well being of the native Andean and Amazonian populations. Sample health-focused projects include offering general medical checkups, addressing children’s left palates, and working to improve facial deformities. These and other health issues are often hard to care for in remote areas within the Andes mountains and the deep jungle. Afterwards, the Kuyapa team conducts follow ups and continual support for these initiatives.

  • education


    Just as important as enriching the body is the mind. Through donating and spending time with children in the native towns and villages of the Andes ranges and Amazon Rainforest of Peru, Kuyapa aims to bettering future generations by increasing literacy levels and math and critical thinking skills. Books (including textbooks), pens and pencils, notebooks, educational visuals, and larger classroom resources are among our wish list. In addition, we are always open to working with teachers and educators who wish to contribute. Engaging social interactions will also help the children and the communities to open up, allowing for free flowing of new ideas and ingenuity. Through education, the local children are actually being given the gift of a brighter and more optimistic future.

  • housing


    Among our larger projects, Kuyapa works alongside local experts and community men to construct buildings that every community needs. Examples are family homes, markets, and schools. Because we enlist the support of the native people, we are sure that our infrastructure projects are true to the region especially with regarding safety and tradition.